Stakeget VIP Pass NFT — Enable the Holder To Double Up Their Stakeget Token.

2 min readNov 3, 2022

Stakeget VIP Pass NFT

Greetings to everyone who is interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and wants to always stay up to date with all the new and most worthy projects.

We would like to start by commenting on how overwhelmed we are by the enthusiasm you’ve shown us. As an early adopter of the Stakeget, we want to show our appreciation for your support. Therefore we’re excited to announce that all community members who sign up for the GETQUESTS will be eligible for one Stakeget VIP Pass NFT — An exclusive reward that will enable the holder to double up on their earnings of Stakeget Token.

Claim your free VIP Pass NFT!

What’s Next?

At Stakeget, we have been hard at work while following our roadmap to the nth degree.

Token Sale

We’re excited to announce that the Stakeget Token Sale has finally a date!

  1. Pre Sale
    The pre-sale will take place on 8th Nov 13:00 UTC — 11th Nov 23:00 UTC.
    Token for sale: 8,000,000 (2.5% of total supply)
    Price: 1 ETHW = 2000 SKT
    Hardcap: 4,000 ETHW
    Distribution: 20th Nov 2022
  2. Public Round
    The public sale will take place on 12th Nov 13:00 UTC — 15th Nov 23:00 UTC.
    Token for sale: 16,000,000 (5% of total supply)
    Price: 1 ETHW = 1600 SKT
    Hardcap: 10,000 ETHW
    Distribution: 20th Nov 2022

Dex Launch And Listing

As some of you already know, and some may not, we’re going to reiterate some things here. The Beta version of Staketget DEX can be accessed here, but we haven’t officially launched it yet. The reasons are:
(1) The Audit partner strongly advised us to do so in order not to rush the audit and testing.
(2) we want to ensure that we launch a 100% flawlessly working DEX.

We hope you’ll agree with our reasons, we aim to offer even more sophisticated functionality than some of DEX platforms. Liquidity is increasing all the time, and we expect to see many more traders take the step to use a decentralised platform that is free from hacks and downtime.

We are still working to pursue the launch date which is in early December this year. While for the initial listing, we will use another platform and we will announce it on 25th Nov 2022.

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