Launching GETQUESTS on Crew3

2 min readOct 12, 2022


We are thrilled to launch a series of quests on Crew3 to enable the community to support the Stakeget project by completing simple tasks to earn a kind of rewards

Dear Getkeepers!!

Building a strong community can be very challenging for the web3 project. So, to make sure we empower the whole community to support the growth of Stakeget project, we are launching a GETQUESTS campaign on Crew3.

GETQUESTS is our first step in rewarding the community for following and interacting with all things of Stakeget! Using the awesome tech behind Crew3, any of our community can take on a myriad of quests to earn Stakeget tokens

The main purpose of launching the GETQUESTS campaign is to create a framework for community members to support Stakeget’s marketing efforts in a structured, easily trackable and engaging way. Through the GETQUESTS campaign, we aim to increase the reach and performance of its social media posts, encourage the production of more user-generated content and grow the community.

There will be snapshots of the leaderboard to determine the winners for each month. Prizes we are considering for participants who ranked 1–1000 in the leaderboard, earning between 100–20,000 Stakeget tokens!

Please note, that we will be manually reviewing each quest submission (so please be patient with us) In cases of disputes, the Stakeget team reserves the right of final decision. We want our community to be a positive safe space, so please start your journey in good faith!

TLDR: How to get involved?

  1. Join our Discord Server and verify (only verified members will be able to unlock quests)
  2. Connect onto Stakeget Crew3
  3. Check out the #event-and-quest channel under our Discord Server
  4. Start collecting XP — good luck!

That’s all, happy hunting!

About Crew3

Crew3 is a platform that enables the activation and growth of Web3 communities via a gamified approach by setting up quests that community members can participate in

About Stakeget

Stakeget is a community-focused DeFi platform built on Ethereum Proof Of Work. Stakeget aims to be your best choice to participate in the new Ethereum journey that we believe has the potential to build a sustainable economic future.

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