Stakeget’s Presale Begins!-

Understanding how to participate in the presale

Hello Getkeepers, we are moving on to another important phase in our project roadmap as we are officially kicking off our highly anticipated Stakeget Token Pre-Sale.

Token for sale: 8,000,000 (2.5% of total supply)
Price: 1 ETHW = 2000 SKT
Hardcap: 4,000 ETHW
Min contribution: 5 ETHW
Max Contribution: 100 ETHW
Distribution: 20th Nov 2022

As of the time of this post, the presale will be a first come first serve. If the demand grows too large we will consider adding max cap allocations in order to create the fairest environment for all participants. The funds from the pre-sale 100% will be used to create liquidity on Stakeget DEX AMM.

  1. To join the presale you will need to have ETHW in your Metamask wallet.
  2. Once have ETHW in your Metamask wallet you will have the option to pick how much you want to invest.
  3. Please send your contribution to the address below
  4. Fill out the form below

What Is The Contract Address For SKT?

About Stakeget

Stakeget is a community-focused DeFi platform built on Ethereum Proof Of Work. Stakeget aims to be your best choice to participate in the new Ethereum journey that we believe has the potential to build a sustainable economic future.

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